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Welcome to your Evolutionary Growth and Expansion.

Bringing miracles into your everyday life.


When I was diagnosed with an incurable condition called acute leukemia back in May 2014, I have made a promise to Life to give me a solution, an alternative treatment to the painful conventional chemotherapy treatment that have one of the more inhumane slow soul eating effects, (apart from the day to day physical bodily side effects), and I will share this with the world. 

While lying in an enclosed small space with only one tiny window, surrounded by 4 pale green walls with an antique painted look, I remember flexing one wrist stuck with one IV tube wearily, thinking to myself:

“There’s got more to Life than this. I don’t believe God wants me to suffer.”

And so the journey began. 6 years later, here I am.

And what with many trials and errors, ups and downs of navigating the non physical realm of mind and the material world, one realization has remained the same:

That there is indeed a Realm of Infinite Possibilities. A World full of Possibilities and Potentials. A World where there exist miracles and solutions to even the most stubborn of problems, problems which seemed impossible to resolve, which will have Einstein rising from his grave. 



my name is Jassica Nia, and I am your highest evolutionary guide.


As I sit here writing this, I am so excited and grateful because your Life is about to change and I want to be part of that journey every step of the way.

Stay connected and browse around this site for materials that calls to you.

I cannot wait to see what Life hold for you.

To your journey, expansion, and beyond,

Jassica x

Let’s connect.

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