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Miracles are unaccounted for events by natural or scientific laws, and therefore inaccessible to most people. The reason is because we are limited by known, calculated, predictable factors in our lives.

There are two ways to increase more “miracles” in your life.

1. Start becoming more present in every moment in your life. Take deep breaths, hold it for as long as you can, and slowly exhale. As you slow your breath down, your brainwaves will begin to drop from the Beta alert awakened state, slowly to the Alpha peaceful, relaxed stare of mind. Start becoming mindful and aware of your body, bringing in your attention into your body. If you are not used to that, then begin by placing your attention on certain parts of your body like your hands.

When you feel your breathe deepening, start becoming mindful and aware of your surroundings. Observe the things around you without judging them, just allowing them to be. Notice how they begin to sharpen in detail as you slow your breath down.

As you increase and deepen this presence awareness mindfulness technique in your daily life, you will move from constantly reacting to the external situations around you, to sometimes pleasantly surprising yourself with how you respond and sometimes even more thoughtfully than you normally would. You will see how different, unexpected and, often pleasant situations arise from this state of being you cultivate.

2. Enter the One Unified Field. (This is advanced for higher levels meditators and spiritual practitioners)

In this realm where you go beyond the self, your body. You will enter the present moment through presence awareness technique, and you will drop your brainwaves as low as it can go, Alpha into preferably Theta state. Your consciousness at this stage will be easily merged into a wider field, and in this state you will notice how you are not bounded by space, and how you can freely roam. It’s like a dream state but you get to be in control.

In this state, you will program your mind using an NLP technique called Anchoring, to open its perception to a realm of Infinite Possibilities, of all Solutions to All Problems.

In this state, you will find that what we call “miracles” are actually not so. Reason being is because in a realm where “All is Possible”, that means anything can happen, anything is possible, all potentials exist. In this state, you can pick and choose. In this state, all you need to do is to “become” what you want to be, do and have.  To begin breathing in the “feeling” of whatever you wish to accomplish in your life.

In here, you will begin to realize that anything you wish is possible. That a “Miracle” is not just beyond your wildest dreams, more than a possibility. 

You begin to move “Miracles” from a mere possibility to a probability, dreams to becoming wishes fulfilled, therefore increasing the happenstance of miracles, in your life.